About Chlorine Dioxide Solution

Chlorine Dioxide Solution - About Us

Thank you for visiting our website, we are Chlorine Dioxide Solution (ORG/CA) and we look forward to serving you the best 2-Part Clo2 generation kit.

We have perfected the best quality products in combination so that you can create Chlorine Dioxide at home or on the go.

Our products are sourced within the USA, and our manufacturing practices are clean, sanitary, and up to standards for both Canada, and the USA. We have friendly and helpful customers support staff, along side our authority brand to give you the best possible experience.

Try our online store when you are ready to Order your first CDS kit.

We also have partner brands (to be shared here soon) also with an umbrella branding relationship to help propel our top quality and very unique products into a sometimes turbulent marketplace.

We know that our products are being used for all kinds of applications, even ways to use our product that are not listed on our website. We ask you to kindly reach out and our staff will do their best to help you use our CDS kit safely and effectively.

We ship to both Canada, USA, and the UK, and hope to serve even more areas across Europe in the coming seasons in 2024. (See Shipping Details page for rates and transit times).

Chlorine Dioxide Solution is just one of our innovative products. You can get full brand details from NovaTREE Labs (novatreelabs.com) and get in contact with us anytime via our contact page here...

Please reach out to us anytime with your comments and Questions about Chlorine Dioxide, we're happy to help!