How to make chlorine dioxide - directions

Chlorine Dioxide 2-Park Kit - How to use/Product Directions

It's important to be careful when using the 2-part CDS kit. The two ingredients combined in the correct amount will allow the mixture to properly disinfect the water you are mixing it with.

We recommend using the following directions to disinfect 1 litre of water, boiled and filtered at 3 microns (for outdoor usage).

Create Chlorine Dioxide in 4 Steps:

1. First add 10 drops of Solution A (Sodium Chlorite) to a shot glass, or small mixing container.

2. Then add 10 drops of Solution B (Hydrochloric Acid) to the same shot glass or small mixing container.

3. Then after allowing it to sit for 30 seconds and it is mixed, it can be added to 1 litre of water to disinfect the water for drinking purposes.

4. Mix the and the chlorine dioxide solution by stirring,  and then the water is treated and ready for drinking.

Do you have further questions about using our Chlorine Dioxide Kit? Please reach out by sending us a message on our Contact Us page.