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Chlorine Dioxide Drops - Water Treatment Kit | 4oz 125mL 2-Part Solution (+ Water Bottle)

Chlorine Dioxide Drops - Water Treatment Kit | 4oz 125mL 2-Part Solution (+ Water Bottle)

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  • Are you prepared to conquer the great outdoors with confidence? Remember to bring along your trusty companion: chlorine dioxide drops. Enhance the taste and clarity of water from rivers or lakes, even in critical situations such as hiking, travel, or natural disasters. 
  • Stay Hydrated Anywhere: Transform questionable water sources into safe drinking water. Perfect for various outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, backpacking, fishing, hunting, and bushcraft. It's also an essential companion for global travel and survival scenarios. 
  • The Chlorine Dioxide Drops kit comes with 2 comprehensive components, including Component A: Sodium Chlorite and Component B: Activator (Hydrochloric acid). With just a few drops of each part in a water bottle, you can generate chlorine dioxide. Each 125 ml bottle provides a generous supply of chlorine dioxide to last you and your loved ones for an extended period.

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10x 10x 22cm

125mL (each bottle)

Care Instructions

Storage is simple; cool, dry place. You can take it along in your camping gear or hiking backpack.

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Chlorine Dioxide Solution ORG

Our Chlorine Dioxide Formula is complete in two parts, ready to handle the great outdoors. Get equipped today, and revolutionize what it means to travel into the wild with a versitile water treatment kit.

Increase your safety, hygeine, and overall sanitation practices by carrying this handy set of Chlorine Dioxide Drops with you anywhere. Bring with you the revolutionary CDS Water Treatment kit, it could literally be a life saver!

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